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Top 10 Amazing Places Visit In Ahmedabad

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Goa cannot be explored in one visit. Every time you take a trip there, dedicate to a region and explore at your own leisure. So, read all about the sightseeing places in Goa and plan a super-exciting trip to this hip city for a once in a lifetime experience, Goa Tour Packages From Ahmedabad.

Divar Island

Perhaps the best spot to find in old Goa, Divar Island is an interesting little island on the Mandovi River which is away from all the hustle clamor. It is an ideal alcove in the midst of the mayhem of the world. This is outstanding amongst other kept privileged insights of Old Goa and can be reached by means of a ship from Viceroy's Arch. On the off chance that you plan your visit during August, you can likewise be a piece of the Bonderam Festival which praises the reap season. It is without a doubt a standout amongst other touring places in Old Goa.

Basilica of Bom Jesus 

Basilica of Bom Jesus was worked in the sixteenth century and is extraordinary compared to other vacation destinations in Goa. The notorious block shaded development is visited by guests all round the year and is a World Heritage Monument. Probably the most great development components of the Basilica are basalt column, dark stone dividers and tiled rooftop with inclines. The overlaid columns, dividers, and church special stepped area have elaborate engravings in Latin and Portuguese language.

Se Cathedral 

Se Cathedral additionally goes back to the sixteenth Century and is the biggest church in Asia which is as yet operational. In the event that you are visiting Goa for 3 days, at that point add this to your schedule. It has Iberian engineering and the high roofs display wooden carvings and mosaic work. The dividers are improved with rich works of art and the congregation has the standard cross shape. The congregation is open from 7.30 am to 6 pm on weekdays and from 7.15 am to 10 am on Sundays. In this way, plan your visit remembering the timings.

Tomb of St. Francis Xavier

Tomb of St. Francis Xavier is another one of the best visiting places in Old Goa and is located in one of the chapels of the Basilica of Bom Jesus. This is the tomb of a revered Portuguese saint – St. Francis Xavier. The saint was highly popular in Goa and was brought back after his death in China. The tomb is made with marble and Jasper and the remains of the Saint are publicly displayed after every ten years.

Reis Magos Fort

One of best the tourist places in old Goa, Reis Magos Fort is an amazing hideout to explore a relaxed day away from the humdrum of city life. The Fort was built in 1707 on the mouth of Mandovi River and is one of the oldest citadels of Old Goa. Visiting this attraction is one of the most offbeat things to do in Goa. The bright red lateritic walls and tall minarets are easily visible from all over the Bardez Taluk. The Reis Magos Church is also located nearby which is also among the places to visit in Old Goa.


Fontainhas is a small Latin establishment in Panjim that is one of the most iconic old Goa tourist places. This is undoubtedly the best heritage walk destination here with lots of colorful houses and a small spring to admire. One of the must-do activities here is to enjoy the freshly baked goodies from the old bakeries located here. Other attractions of the area are – a wishing well, Chapel of St. Sebastian and Altinho Hill. It is indeed one of the most romantic places in Goa for couples.

St. Augustine Ruins      

St. Augustine Ruins site is additionally one of the most renowned spots to visit in Old Goa which is likewise one of the most notorious memorable destinations in Goa. The pinnacle was initially 46 m high and was worked in the seventeenth century. The congregation design is Iberian and positions among the best three Iberian structures on the planet. Starting at now, the structure remains in ruins in view of an absence of upkeep.

Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount 

House of prayer of Our Lady of the Mount is an ideal goal for getting a charge out of an energizing outing with your family or companions. The congregation sits on a slope and offers an energizing chance to climb it. The sanctuary offers a shocking perspective on Divar Island, Chorao and Mandovi River. Church of St. Cajetan is found close by and can be investigated around the same time. spots to visit in Old Goa.

Archaeological Museum of Goa  

Remaining against the brilliant setting of Goa skies and bunches of greenery close by, the Archaeological Museum of Goa houses pieces from early noteworthy, ancient and late medieval periods. Aside from the assortment of the Museum offers a dazzling veneer and astonishing open doors for photography. There are different sculptures and models too.

Wax World Museum

Wax World Museum in Old Goa is a large and among India’s few wax museums. The place houses an expansive collection of 30 life-size paraffin statues. Some of the most famous statues here are of Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa. But one artwork that attracts a large number of tourists is the sculpture of Jesus Christ’s Last Supper. There is a guided tour available that can be availed in English and Hindi language. Photography is not allowed inside the museum. You can buy souvenirs from the gift shop to help you remember the visit. It is one of the best places to visit in Old Goa.

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